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quizballs 123 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

 Including lots of late-2010 current affairs and world news...

  1. Name the Italian-born American film producer (of Death Wish, Barbarella, and Hannibal) who died in November 2010 age 91?
  2. What island nation suffered a serious cholera outbreak in late 2010, partly as a consequence of a major earthquake in January the same year?
  3. The UK Conservative Party HQ in London, trashed during student protests in November 2010, is known by its address of 30 'what' ?
  4. Greenland is a self-governing territory of which country?
  5. What high-tech manufacturing corporation agreed to buy the security software company McAfee for $7.7bn in summer 2010?
  6. In government figures released in 2010, how many terrorism arrests resulted from the 101,248 stop-and-searches under UK counter-terrorism powers in 2009: None; 3; 27; or 150?
  7. What African country, south of Libya, west of Sudan, and east of Niger, has the capital N'Djamena?
  8. What ancient World Heritage site in Italy collapsed in November 2010?
  9. Forbes Magazine reported in 2010 the most expensive (real estate) US zip code to be 91008 Duarte, in which US state?
  10. What music and dance style takes its name from an elegant bird and the healthy colour and provocative appearance of the early gypsy artists who popularised it.
  11. Name the German manufacturer of 2nd World War fighter planes which pioneered the micro car?
  12. Sony announced in 2010 what iconic device would cease to be made after April 2011?
  13. What musical instrument is financier and mogul Warren Buffett associated with, notably because of his performances to shareholders?
  14. What is the fruit of the blackthorn tree?
  15. An updated version of what popular game now requires batteries, plays music, uses plastic debit cards instead of paper money, and is round not square?
  16. The Cathedral of Saint Mary, at one time the largest church in the world, and burial place of Christopher Columbus, is in which city, by whose name it is better known?
  17. Conventional pseudo-scientific wisdom suggests that a slice of buttered toast when accidentally falling from a table or hand to the floor almost always lands butter-side down because... why?
  18. A 13-year neurological study by the US National Institute on Ageing reported in 2010 that what significantly prevented the onset of dementia: red wine; red meat; nine hours sleep per day; or nine miles walking per week?
  19. Name the champion bantamweight English boxer from Merseyside who died in 2010 age 68?
  20. What US state has the longest coastline?
  21. The UK Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs reported in November 2010 that what was the most dangerous drug (based on a complex study across nine categories of harmful effects)?
  22. The state of Oaxaca, hit by a devastating mudslide in October 2010, is in which country?
  23. Whose memoir 'Decision Points' was published in late 2010?
  24. Where the meaning is 'the toys belonging to the children', which is the correct way to write the phrase: The children's toys; The childrens toys; The childrens' toys; or The childrens toy's?
  25. Name the popular illegal filesharing website found liable for copyright breach by a New York court in October 2010?
  26. Hallus valgus is the medical term for what common condition?
  27. Approximately what was the price of a good quality full-size colour television in the late 1960s, when first available in the UK: £20; £50; £100; or £300?
  28. What is/was the Emperor of Exmoor, subject of much debate and news coverage about being the largest beast living wild in the UK, and whether it had actually been shot dead or not in late 2010?
  29. Name the (supposedly) world's most advanced submarine which ran aground off the Isle of Skye in October 2010?
  30. A 2010 space survey by astronomers using the Keck telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, found a likelihood of how many Earth-like planets in the universe: 500; 50,000; 50 million; or 50 billion?


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