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quizballs 119 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In Gustav Holst's orchestral suite 'The Planets' what planet from the (our) Solar System is missing?
  2. Which aspiring US politician was criticized in Oct 2010 for her technically illegal act of autographing an American flag?
  3. In which country is Lake Banyoles, site of the 1992 Olympic rowing events?
  4. Jomo Kenyatta became the first president of which African country in 1964?
  5. What chemical element is a pure diamond?
  6. Which character is the science officer of the starship Enterprise (in the original TV series)?
  7. What (aside from slight variation with temperature and air pressure) is the metric weight of a litre/liter (1,000cc) of water?
  8. What (usually wooden item) securely holds a set of spirit decanters, and is named after a mythical Greek king, condemned to stand surrounded by unreachable water and fruit?
  9. Coca Cola announced in Oct 2010 the closure of which famous British bottled water company, said to be the Queen's favourite?
  10. What type of animal is a markhor, the national animal of Pakistan?
  11. The Colorado beetle attacks what crop?
  12. Which couturiere and perfumier's first names were Gabrielle Bonheur?
  13. The flavoured fishing bait boilie is mainly used to catch which type of fish?
  14. A traditional weapon of the Sicilian mafia, what is a lupara?
  15. In geological classification what granular term is between silt and gravel?
  16. William Van Allan designed which New York building - the tallest brick building in the world in 1930?
  17. What was Brad Pitt's initialised character name in the film 'Thelma and Louise'?
  18. Opened in 1998, accessible usually only by air, and continually in permafrost, the EKATI Diamond Mine is in which country?
  19. What mythical city, meaning 'the golden one', fascinated the Spanish Conquistadors during their conquest of the Americas?
  20. Which US president's mother was known as 'Miss Lillian'?
  21. What does UNESCO (successor to the League of Nations' International Commission on Intellectual Cooperation) stand for?
  22. In human anatomy, in which part of the body is the buccinator muscle?
  23. With what frequency does Switzerland hold its presidential election?
  24. What is the square root of four million?
  25. Dextral refers to what: Left; Right; Both or Single (in relation to 'handed' or 'side')?
  26. Diacetylmorphine is the technical term for which drug?
  27. The actress Caryn Johnson is better known by which name?
  28. Iapetus (or Japetus) is a satellite of which planet?
  29. Name the Panama military dictator imprisoned from 1992-2007 in the USA for drug trafficking, racketeering and money laundering, and subsequently extradited to France for money laundering, and imprisoned again in 2010?
  30. A muumuu is a brightly coloured dress traditionally worn by women on which island?
  31. Laconia is a southern region of which European country?
  32. What is the large dog breed named after a town in south-west Germany, with St Bernard, Newfoundland and Pyrenean Mountain Dog ancestry?
  33. Named after the Greek words for good and sound, what is the valved brass tenor instrument resembling a small tuba?
  34. What were the two Russian words for leader Mikhail Gorbachev's programs of (and meaning literally) openness and restructuring, started in the latter 1980s?
  35. Car exhaust fumes contain mainly what poisonous gas?
  36. What is the longest river in Scotland?
  37. How many imperial gallons are in an imperial peck?
  38. David Low created what pompous British cartoon officer character, first appearing in London's Evening standard in the 1930s?
  39. 20-year old criminology undergraduate Marisol Valles Garcia became police chief of drug-war-torn town Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero in what country?
  40. What are the basic three 'alter ego' states (of a person) identified and used within Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis theory?


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