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quizballs 116 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What historic region of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, gave its name to a dog breed with a striking appearance?
  2. Appropriately, a giant what was put temporarily onto the fourth plinth at London's Trafalgar Square in May 2010?
  3. In March 2010 artist Spencer Tunick arranged and photographed 5,200 what in front of Sydney Opera House?
  4. The Janka hardness test is used for which substance?
  5. Team manager Colin Montgomerie banned his 2010 European Ryder Cup team from what: Sex; Singing on the bus; Alcohol; or Twitter?
  6. Name the candidates in the UK Labour Party's 2010 leadership contest (and for a bonus point, the order they finished in the contest)?
  7. Derived from the French word meaning to brood or hatch, what term refers to a male phantom or sympathetic pregnancy syndrome in response to a wife or partner's real pregnancy?
  8. What is the third angle in a triangle if the other two are each 60 degrees?
  9. What traditional profession specialises in the assessment of costs and tenders for materials and contracts within building and construction projects?
  10. What did US southerners call a northerner who moved to the south in the 1860-70s to exploit opportunities in the Reconstruction era, and which word today refers to an opportunitistic investor, especially where a mutual society might convert into a public commerial company?
  11. Nottingham Castle museum displays what exhibit from the world of international sporting competition: Torvill and Dean's Olympic 'Bolero' costumes; Henry Cooper's Londsdale Belts; Eddie the Eagle's goggles; or Geoff Hurst's 1966 hat-trick football?
  12. The UK Glastonbury music festival was originally known as what name (combined with 'festival'), taken from a nearby village: Pilton; Stilton; Wilton; or Milton?
  13. UK businesswoman Karen Brady replaced Margaret Mountford as advisor in which high profile entertainment brand?
  14. Name the 1890-founded Scottish manufacturer of much-loved traditional caramel wafers, teacakes and snowball cakes, which experienced a staff pay dispute in Autumn 2010?
  15. Who invented roll camera film, thereby popularizing photography, and founded the Kodak company, whose full title also bears his name?
  16. In the UK snow of January 2010 a Thames Valley policeman was reprimanded for sledging on duty down a slope on his what?
  17. Which two countries share the Dead Sea?
  18. Composed in 1907, The Soldier's Song (that's the English translation of the title) was formally adopted in 1926 as the national anthem of which European country?
  19. The Mills bomb, developed in Birmingham in 1915, and produced in numbers exceeding 70 million since then, is more commonly known by what term?
  20. An ammeter measures electrical what: Force; Energy; Current; or Resistance?
  21. The Sumida and Arakawa are two main rivers of which capital city?
  22. Waldi the dachshund was the symbolic mascot for the Olympic games of which year and city?
  23. Anthracite is a type of what: Gemstone; Coal; Disease; or Internet community?
  24. Luke Rinehart's cult 1971 novel is called The 'what?' Man: Rice; Nice; Dice; or Lice?
  25. What is the Italian word, meaning 'head', for the clamp-like gadget used on guitars and other fretted stringed instruments to change key and tuning?
  26. The Pacific Ocean covers approximately what percentage of the Earth's surface: 10; 20; 30; or 40?
  27. New France was the name given to French colonized lands in which continent from the 16th-18th centuries: North America; South America; Africa; or Asia?
  28. What technology concerns the use of pressurized gas to achieve mechanical motion, and in a general singular sense means filled or worked with air?
  29. Sabena was which country's national airline?
  30. Who owns the luxury food brand Duchy Originals, which announced £3.2m losses in 2010?


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