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quizballs 115 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


This is a multiple choice quiz.

There is one answer to each question.


  1. At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga wore a controversial dress made of what: Leopard skin; Racoon pelts; Gold leaf; or Raw meat?
  2. Held in turn by the ancient Phonecians, Greeks and Romans, Cyrenaica is a region of which African country: Gambia; Uganda; Tunisia; or Libya?
  3. Which London Underground line serves Heathrow Airport: Piccadilly; Metropolitan; Central; or District?
  4. What in the human body is the calcaneum: Skull; Heel bone; Wrist bone; or Rib cage?
  5. Gametophobia is an informal term for the irrational fear of: Gambling; Birds; Marriage; or Walking?
  6. With species called common, Danube and Italian, what creature is a bleak; Bird; Fish; Crab; or Whale?
  7. For which English county cricket team did Australian Shane Warne play between 2000 and 2007: Surrey; Sussex; Hampshire; or Worcestershire?
  8. Which composer died on 5th December 1791, aged 35: Beethoven; Bach; Mozart; or Chopin?
  9. A mooli is which type of vegetable: Carrot, Radish; Parsnip; or Cauliflower?
  10. A 2010 UK survey by the Campaign for Better Transport identified which city as the most car-dependent: London; Milton Keynes; Bristol; or Swindon?
  11. Who is the Greek God of the forge and fire, among other related responsibilities: Dionysus; Ares; Erebos; or Hephaestus?
  12. What is the musical term for 'To be repeated from the beginning': Da Capo; Etude; Cantata; or Rubato?
  13. Burley is which type of crop: Cotton; Wheat; Rice; or Tobacco?
  14. The Rockall Trough is in which ocean: Atlantic; Pacific; Arctic; or Indian?
  15. In the 2004 film biopic Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey plays which 1960s singer: Bobby Vee; Frankie Avalon; Bobby Darin; or Fabian?
  16. Hypokalaemia is the deficiency of what in the bloodstream: Calcium; Potassium; Oxygen; or Protein?
  17. In June 1937, which US state became the first, and only, to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday: Florida; California; Pennsylvania; or Texas?
  18. Which European leader publicly welcomed a new female MP to parliament by reminding her of a 'rule' called 'jus primae noctis' ('law of the first night' - a medieval right of the Lord of the manor to deflower new brides) ? Silvio Berlusconi; Winston Churchill; Nicolas Sarkozy; or Helmut Kohl?
  19. If something is 'bacilliform' what shape is it: Diamond-shaped; Leaf-shaped; Arrow-shaped; or Rod-shaped?
  20. The John Rylands Library is in which English city: Leeds; Manchester; London; or Birmingham?
  21. What colour is the pigment lycopene: Yellow; Green; Blue; or Red?
  22. What class of creature is a scorpion: Arachnid; Reptile; Insect; or Mammal?
  23. In which English county is Chilham Castle: Cornwall; Kent; Derbyshire; or Norfolk?
  24. Brisket is a cut of meat from which part of an animal: Leg; Rump; Chest; or Shoulder?
  25. Bess Wallace was the wife of which US president: Coolidge; Hoover; Ford; or Truman?
  26. 'The Battle of Trafalgar' is the work of which British painter: Joseph Turner; William Winstanley; Thomas Birch; or Edwin Landseer?
  27. In which year was the Metropolitan Police Service established in London: 1789; 1829; 1869; or 1901?
  28. Madrilene is what type of food dish: Soup; Omelette; Ice cream; or Pasta?
  29. Petrography is the study of what: Pets; Clouds; Rocks; or Sculpture?
  30. EU president Herman van Rumpuy published a book of what: Sex tips; Potato recipes; Haiku; or Best foreigner jokes?
  31. What is a bump on a ski slope called which is formed by skiers turning: Tycoon; Mogul; Magnate; or Shogun?
  32. The Watergate Complex is in which area of Washington DC: Foggy Bottom; Windy Corner; Sunnyside; or Snow Hill?
  33. Cilantro is the leaf of which herb: Sage; Thyme; Parsley; or Coriander?
  34. Which US state is known as The Volunteer State: Ohio; Maryland; Tennessee; or Utah?
  35. Mefloquine is used for the treatment of what: Malaria; Diabetes; Dysentery; or Yellow Fever?


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