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quizballs 110 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


This is a multiple choice quiz.

There is one correct answer for each question.


  1. Samite is a type of what: Fabric; Stone; Dog; or Cake?
  2. Vermillion is a shade of which colour: Green; Blue; Red; or Yellow?
  3. In summer 2010 what species produced offspring in the wild in the UK for the first time in around 400 years after reintroduction to Scotland: Beaver, Bear; Wolf; or Reindeer?
  4. A caparison is an ornamental cloth used to cover a what: Alter; Horse; Bed; or Window?
  5. In which famous building are rooms named Vermeil, China, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Oval: Buckingham Palace; The Whitehouse; Palace of Versailles; or Westminster Abbey?
  6. Which 1920s film star's third husband was Henri Le Bailly de la Falaise, Marquis de la Coudraye: Clara Bow; Lillian Gish; Mae West; or Gloria Swanson?
  7. In anatomy, 'plantar' relates to which part of the human body: Foot; Stomach; Head; or Hand?
  8. A 2010 publicity-driven competition called the Carbuncle Cup focused on unpopular British what: Architecture; Politicians; Corporations; or Law?
  9. Which English royal house held the throne between 1154 and 1485: Stewart; Tudor; Plantagenet; or Lancaster?
  10. Something annular is in the shape of a what: Leaf; Ring; Brick; or Pyramid?
  11. Sfumato is a technique in what: Painting; Cooking; Martial Arts; or Meditation?
  12. In summer 2010 Ofcom (regulatory/complaints body for UK communications industries) found that broadband service providers were on average giving customers what percentage of the connection speeds they had contracted to receive: 46%; 75%; 98% or 120%?
  13. Sprinter Merlene Ottey, age 50, was a member of which nation's 4 x 100 metres relay squad at the 2010 European Championships: Bermuda; Slovenia; Jamaica; or Bahrain?
  14. If you dropped three solid steel spheres, weighing 1kg, 2kg and 3kg, at the same time from a height of ten metres, in what order would they hit the floor: 1kg 2kg 3kg; 3kg 2kg 1kg; All at the same time; or Some other order?
  15. Who dueted with Harry Nilsson on the 1975 Phil Spectre song 'A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day)' : Dusty Springfield; Barbra Streisand; Diana Ross; or Cher?
  16. If something coruscates, what does it do: Expands; Fades; Sparkles; or Shrinks?
  17. Evo Morales became president of which country in 2006: Bolivia; Argentina; Ecuador; or Peru?
  18. The port of Mocha is in which country: Somalia; Oman; Iran; or Yemen?
  19. Which religion emerged from the Bible Student movement, founded in 1872 by Charles Taze Russell: Jehovah's Witness; Quakers; Mormons; or Baha'i?
  20. In Dubai, Palm Judmeirah is a what: Artificial island development; Camel-meat curry; Scented aphrodisiac soap; or Public holiday?
  21. A nide is a brood or nest of which type of birds: Emus; Sparrows; Swans; or Pheasants?
  22. A Munro, of which there are 283, is a Scottish mountain which is over how many feet high: 1,000; 2,000; 3,000; or 4,000?
  23. Literally meaning repentance in Italian, what is the visible trace of an earlier painting beneath newer artwork on canvas: Pimento; Paliamento; Pinto; or Pentimento?
  24. In a summer 2010 market trial, UK pub-chain Brakspear's launched free in-pub what: Breath tests; Massage; Tarot-card readings; or Dogs' dinners?
  25. An anemometer is a guage used for recording the speed of what: Light; Spacecraft; Wind; or Athletes?
  26. London's city bike rental scheme, which launched in 2010, is based on the Bixi project which introduced bike rental to which city: Paris; Montreal; Venice; or New York?
  27. Which of the Rolling Stones has a cameo role as Captain Jack Teague, father of Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End': Mick Jagger; Charlie Watts, Keith Richards; or Ronnie Wood?
  28. Catalonia, the Spanish Autonomous Community region comprising provinces Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, banned what in 2010 with effect from 2012: Lap-dancing; Bullfighting; Smoking in public outdoors; or Door-to-door selling?
  29. In the UK in the 1930s, what was named after the Minister of Transport: Pelican Crossing; Shadwell Station; Belisha Beacon; or Ashgrove College?
  30. Melanophobia is the irrational fear of what: The colour black; Punishment; Fruit; or Children?


quizballs 110 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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