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quizballs 108 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which country's use of energy overtook the USA in 2010 to become the world's biggest consumer of power (from oil, coal, water, wind, etc): India; China; Brazil; Russia; or Mexico?
  2. What is the name of the small hammer with a circular rubber head used by doctors to test body reflexes, particularly at the knee?
  3. In what year was England ruled (technically) by kings called Edward, Harold, Edgar and William, in that order?
  4. Ligneous relates to which natural substance?
  5. The auto-biographical poem 'The Story of Suicide Sal' was written by which 1930s female outlaw?
  6. Who was the US Secretary of State 1973-1977?
  7. The Edgbaston Test Cricket Ground is in which English city?
  8. The song 'San Quentin', about the California state prison, was written, and subsequently performed there, by which artist, recorded on a live album and British TV documentary?
  9. Established 1845, during British colonial rule, the top-selling Straits Times newspaper, and a similarly named stock market index (STI) belongs to which country?
  10. What word, which is a type of protective helmet and part of citrus fruit, originally referred to the stem marrow of plants, and now refers figuratively to the core of a subject or argument?
  11. The Scandinavian raw dish gravlax is made from which creature: Reindeer; Otter; Seal; or Salmon?
  12. The historic Paddy's Market, supposedly named after or by early 1800s Irish immigrants, and which was closed in May 2009, was situated in which city: Glasgow; New York; Milan or Paris?
  13. Said to refer erroneously to the temperature at which book paper catches fire, the title of Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel about a futuristic society in which reading books is illegal, is called 'Fahrenheit...' what? 972; 451; 100; or 25?
  14. Irish born missionary Saint Aidan founded a monastery in 653 on which English island, which is also the name of a 1970s UK folk-rock band?
  15. Triops Cancriformis, discovered in Scotland in July 2010 and said by scientists to have the oldest pedigree (over 200m years) of any living animal on Earth is what type of creature: Shrimp; Bird; Bat; or Reindeer?
  16. In cycling, what colour jersey is worn by the leader of the Tour of Italy?
  17. The green of London's Parliament Square was named what by activists during 2010, when sporadic protests developed into a large camp community?
  18. In which secure London building was Hitler's deputy Rudolph Hess briefly imprisoned in May 1941 after he fled Germany to Scotland?
  19. In climatology, pluvial relates to what?
  20. What is the method of dyeing fabric in which the parts not to be dyed are covered with removeable wax?
  21. Who was the first female film director to win a best film Oscar?
  22. What is the only country which extends from the Equator to one of the Tropic lines of latitude?
  23. The inactive volcano, Mauna Kea (meaning 'white mountain' in the local native language), is in which US state?
  24. Who composed the music for the opera Porgy and Bess, about 1920s African American life in Charleston, South Carolina?
  25. Jenny Shipley was the first female prime minister of which country?
  26. The mineral and ore pitchblende is rich in what radioactive element, after which it is now named?
  27. Bianca is the younger sister of Katherina in which Shakespeare comedy play?
  28. Manchester United's 2010 Spanish signing nicknamed Chicharito means what in Spanish: Little Pea; Long Bean; Big Onion; or Sudden Sprout?
  29. On which item of dress would a cockade normally be worn?
  30. Natives of which English city are known as Loiners: Lincoln; Leeds; London; or Lancaster?
  31. A kittel, or kitl, is what, traditionally worn by male Jews: Beard; Bracelet; Burial shroud; or Puzzled expression?
  32. Which comedy duo starred in the 1967 film 'Bedazzled'?
  33. A dageurreotype was an early type of what?
  34. What is the one-sleeved half-jacket worn under a jacket as additional protection in the sport of fencing: Épée; Plastron; Foil; or Sabre?
  35. Cnut the Great, who ruled Denmark, England, Norway and parts of Sweden from 1018-35, is commonly known by what other name, particularly relating to a story of attempting to 'rule the sea'?


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