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quizballs 105 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What board game name is the Latin word meaning 'I play' ?
  2. What is the cube root of 8000 (eight thousand)?
  3. Potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur (sulfur, US-English) are the traditional ingredients of what substance: DDT pesticide; Gunpowder; Coke fuel; or Bone china?
  4. A heptad is a group or set of how many?
  5. What is the international telephone dialling code for Germany?
  6. A narthex is part of which type of building?
  7. What is the corolla of a flower commonly known as?
  8. For what is www.letour.fr the official website?
  9. What make of Wellington boots did Samantha Cameron buy President Obama's children for the 2010 British Prime Ministerial visit to the USA?
  10. Name the refugee camp near Calais close to the French side of the Chanel Tunnel?
  11. A sequence of numbers beginning 0, 1, in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers is named after what Italian mathematician who devised the system?
  12. A nanosecond equates to what fraction of a second: Hundredth; Thousandth, Millionth; Billionth?
  13. Fines of £5.3m, criticized as paltry and insulting, were imposed on Shell, Total and BP, five years after the huge 2005 explosion and fire at what UK oil storage depot?
  14. Angelos Epithemiou ex-burger-van proprietor, replaced what quirky drumming baby character on a popular UK TV comedy quiz show?
  15. Name the UK budget holiday company specialising in Turkey and Greece which went bust in July 2010?
  16. If an atom were the size of a football pitch its nucleus would be approximately the size of a: Zeppelin; Olympic swimming pool; Squash court; or Football?
  17. What is the name of the trimmed tree trunk tossed in competition in the Highland Games?
  18. Who wrote the poem 'Jabberwocky', which originally featured in one of his novels?
  19. Arrange these notes according to normal violin tuning, highest to lowest: D A G E ?
  20. The mnemonic 'Heaven Never Asked Kriegspiel's Extra Rent' helps people remember what chemical group of six elements - and what are they?
  21. In July 2010 Amazon announced that their quarterly volume sales of digital books (ebooks) had exceeded their sales of what in the US for the first time: Hardback books; Paperback books; Large-print books; or Pop-up books?
  22. A philtre (in US-English, philter) - pronounced 'filter' - is a potion for what: Love; Muscle pain; Headache; or Revenge?
  23. Which type of clay takes its name from the Italian for 'baked earth'?
  24. In rugby union, which position is known only by the number on the shirt?
  25. The Canadian city of Montreal lies on which river?
  26. Who or what is Laura Chinchilla: Costa Rica's first female president; London Zoo's mascot; A video-game action heroine; or a 1980s cuddly toy craze?
  27. Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots of which sporting event?
  28. Israel Zangwill wrote the 1892 novel 'Children of the ...' what, depicting Jewish life in London: Ghetto; Revolution; Lord; or Night?
  29. Who succeeded John Major as leader of the UK Conservative Party in 1997?
  30. The avocado fruit is named after which part of the body: Heart; Eye; Head; or Testicle?



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