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quizballs 104 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

This is an alphabet quiz - in which the answers each begin with a different letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order.

It's also a homonym or heteronym quiz. A homonym or heteronym is a word which has at least two different meanings.

In this quiz two clues are given for two different meanings - and each answer is one word with a single spelling.


  1. A - A type of tree with hard pale wood. The residue left after a fire.
  2. B - To put up with or tolerate. A small stream.
  3. C - Australian term for unwell. A bend at the elbow in a person's arm.
  4. D - A domesticated animal. To follow closely or persistently.
  5. E - The female reproductive cell in animals. Urge or encourage someone to do something foolish or risky.
  6. F - The coat of a sheep. To defraud someone of money or property.
  7. G - Eat frequent snacks or irregular meals. A superficial skin injury.
  8. H - Part of the head of a golf club nearest the shaft. A dishonourable man.
  9. I - A religious painting, usually on wood. A symbol.
  10. J - An improvised performance by a group of musicians. Squeeze or pack tightly into a space.
  11. K - A long-winged bird of prey with a forked tail. A bank cheque fraudulently altered to show a larger amount.
  12. L - A selvedge or border of a piece of fabric. Lean over to one side.
  13. M - A heavy club with a metal head and spikes. The spice made from the fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed.
  14. N - A city in the southeast of France. A coconut flavoured biscuit.
  15. O - The seventh day after a church festival day. A series of eight musical notes.
  16. P - A type of knitting stitch. A large area of flat land with few trees.
  17. Q - A square dance usually performed by four couples. A card game played by four players with a deck of 40 cards.
  18. R - A horse's gait between a trot and a canter. A framework for holding or storing things.
  19. S - A pointed post which is driven into the ground. A sum of money gambled in a game or venture.
  20. T - A domestic cat with a striped or mottled coat. A building material made with shells, lime, sand and water.
  21. U - A lightweight handheld collapsible canopy. A type of insurance policy.
  22. V - The upper part of a boot or shoe. A woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men.
  23. W - A curl or ring of smoke or cloud. An arrangement of flowers for a grave.
  24. X - The Japanese name for the Playstation game 'Devil Dice'. The fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
  25. Y - Give way under pressure. Produce an agricultural product.
  26. Z - A British Ford motor car. A light breeze.


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